Ritual Year

A ritual year
based around the mythos
of the Lord and Lady of Annwn

1st February:
The Green Daughter Arrives

21st March (Spring Equinox):
Sowing Her Seeds

1st of May (Calan Mai):
The Battle of Gwyn and Gwythyr
and the Marriage of Creiddylad and Gwythyr

21st June (Summer Solstice):
The Fruits of Annwn

1st August:
The Grain of Annwn

September (Mis Medi):
The Reaping Month

21st September (Autumn Equinox):
Hunter of Leaves

29th September:
Gwyn’s Feast

31st October (Nos Galan Gaeaf):
Gwyn’s Hunt

1st November (Calan Gaeaf):
The Marriage of Creiddylad and Gwyn

November (Mis Tachwedd):
The Month of the Dead

December 21st (Winter Solstice):
Winter King

25th December – 6th January (Twelve Nights):
His Midwinter Mysteries

This ritual year is based around the traditional Neo-Pagan quarterly and cross-quarterly festivals. However, the use of Irish names for the cross-quarters has never fitted for me as someone living in Britain and neither have I been unable to connect with all the Brythonic festivals (ie. at Gwyl Ffraidd, Ffraid seems distant).

Therefore I have development a personal practice based on the mythos of Gwyn, Creiddylad, and Gwythyr, as presented in the Brythonic myths and by the gods as they present themselves to me within the land, here, in Peneverdant.

It is very much a work in progress and comments and suggestions are welcome.

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