Porth Annwn

Annwn, ‘the Deep’, is the name of the Brythonic Otherworld. Medieval Welsh literature and later folklore contain numerous depictions of journeys and sojourns there.

Over the past ten years, since I have been devoted to Gwyn, I have developed a practice of journeying to Annwn. A few years ago I was gifted with the vision of a personal doorway (porth means ‘door’) and the words with which to open it.

I see keeping and travelling through a doorway to Annwn as a core part of the monastery.

Agor y Porth

I come from here
to go there.

From Thisworld
to Annwn

from the living
to the dead

hear my call.
Gods, spirits,

ancestors all
I pledge to you

my heart in service,
surrender to you

my soul.
By the breath

we share
by the divine Awen

agor y porth –
open the door.

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