Daily Devotions

Early Morning

Spirits of Place

I give thanks
to the spirits of place,
of this land on which I stand.

To the spirit of this monastery
as I breathe it into being.

The Lord and Lady of Annwn

I pray
to Gwyn ap Nudd
for the strength to traverse
the darkness of the Otherworld,
to overcome my struggles,
to return with inspiration,
to manifest my awen.

I pray
to Creiddylad
for mindfulness and presence
before the wonders
of Thisworld,

that I might behold
the beauty of each flower,
the power of birdsong.

Meditation or Divination



The Lord and Lady of Annwn

I give thanks
to You Lord and Lady of Annwn
for Your guidance through this day,
hear my reflections…

The Mother of Annwn

I give thanks
to You Mother of Annwn
for Your mysteries and magic.



The Father of Annwn

Father of Sleep,
hear these dreams,
which I place

in your dream stone…

I give thanks to You
for Your sanctuary of sleep.


These are examples of my daily devotions. I don’t follow a set script and tend to ad lib. At present, due to work commitments, I am only able to bookend my working days with formal devotions, but I do my best to keep my relationship with my gods and spiritual vocation at the forefront of my mind as I go about my daily life.

I would love to hear ideas about developing a shared daily devotional practice that honours the spirits of place of each individual practitioner and the deities of Annwn.

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