The Lord of Annwn

Gwyn ap Nudd,
the Hunter in the Skies,
the Ruler of the Dead
and the Darkness
of the Deep.

The Lady of Annwn

Flower Maiden,
Bringer of Spring,
She Who Walks Between
Worlds and Lovers.

The Mother of Annwn

Dragon Mother,
Mother of Monsters,
and the Serpents of the Deep.

The Father of Annwn

the Catcher,
the Dream-Weaver,
the Wounded Fisherman,
Lord of the Sanctuary of Sleep.

Old Mother Universe

Goddess of the Cauldron
of Inspiration that lies in Annwn,
of endings and beginnings,
the primordial birth.

These are the Gods and Goddesses of Annwn as they have presented themselves to me. I am aware that other people know other deities and/or know them by different names. As the monastery develops I hope to include different perspectives.

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