Brythonic Texts Meditation Group

We are very excited to announce that we are going to be working in collaboration with Land Sea Sky Travel to provide a monthly meditation group focusing on Brythonic texts.

It will be co-hosted by Lorna Smithers and Thornsilver Hollysong and will take place on the second Thursday of the month 1 – 2.30pm EST / 6 – 7.30pm GMT through the LSS Zoom channel HERE.*

We will be beginning with ‘The Conversation of Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwyddno Garanhir‘, which is a medieval Welsh poem from The Black Book of Carmarthen. In these sessions we will read it slowly, verse by verse, discuss the meaning and background, and meditate upon chosen phrases and verses in order to gain deeper understanding and gnosis of the dialogue and of Gwyn as a Brythonic God.

Week One – Introduction with translator Greg Hill – Thursday 10th November

An introduction to the ‘The Conversation of Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwyddno Garanhir’ with awenydd and Brythonic polytheist Greg Hill. This will be followed by a short introductory meditation visualising the meeting of Gwyn and Gwyddno. 

Week Two – Bull of Battle – Thursday 8th December

We will be looking at the epithets by which Gwyddno addresses Gwyn – ‘bull of battle’, ‘leader of many’, ‘invincible lord’, and ‘lord of hosts’ and meditating on what these reveal about His nature.

Week Three – ‘Many battles, many deaths’ – Thursday 12th January

We will be discussing and meditating on Gwyn’s revelation of His origins and descent. Why does He speak obliquely of coming from ‘many battles, many deaths’? Why does He introduce his horse, ‘Carngrwn from battle throng’ before He introduces Himself by name?

Week Four – The Otherside – Thursday 9th February

Gwyn speaks of being called away to a battle that is not on ‘the Tawe here in this land / But the one far away in a distant land’ and speaks of witnessing a battle at Caer Fanddwy, a fortress in Annwn. We will be meditating on these otherworld conflicts. 

Week Five – Carngrwn and Dormach – Thursday 9th March

Gwyn’s horse Carngrwn ‘Round-Hoofed’, and dog Dormach (which has been translated as ‘Death’s Door’) are intrinsicially linked with Him as a divine warrior-huntsman. We will be looking at their representation in the text and meeting them in a meditation. 

Week Six – Warriors of the Old North – Thursday 13th April

Towards the end of the poem Gwyn states His presence at the deaths of a number of northern British warriors. We will be looking at their stories and the battles they died in. We will then be meditating on Gwyn’s presence at the death of Gwenddolau at the Battle of Arfderydd (which is where Myrddin Wyllt went mad). 

Week Seven – ‘I have been where the warriors of Britain were slain’ – Thursday 11th May

At the end of the poem Gwyn speaks the lines – ‘I have been where the warriors of the Britain were slain / From the east to the south; / I live on; they are dead’. We will be meditating on Gwyn’s role as a psychopomp and God of the dead and His fate of living on whilst all mortals die. We will be discussing Gwyn’s role as a gatherer of souls in the present day and rounding up the series.

*Please email for the password. Recordings will be made available to those who cannot make the sessions in person.

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    I am looking forward to co-hosting with Thornsilver Hollysong a new meditation group on Brythonic texts as a collaboration between the Monastery of Annwn and Land Sea Sky Travel. We will be beginning with ‘The Conversation of Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwyddno Garanhir.’


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