Revisioning the Monastery and Laying the Foundations

Over the past week or so I have received a little feedback on the monastery. I’ve gained pointers towards less Romanised and more Celtic designs such as the bee hive shaped huts of St Fionan on Skellig Michael in Ireland. Their shape reminded me of a building I have journeyed to with Gwyn, which I know as ‘the Bull-Horned Fortress’. I have created a new monastery design in its image and feel it looks less like a Christian ruin and more like a living Annuvian monastery.

When I started designing the website on WordPress the words ‘laying the foundations’ flashed across the screen, which made me smile, as it seemed fitting. I have since updated the site with details of the Annuvian deities who I worship and my daily devotions and ritual year along with practices which are important to my gods – journeying to Annwn and keeping Creiddylad’s garden.

A few people have registered interest and I am hoping to begin a dialogue soon on how we might develop the monastery and work towards a shared practice. I am guessing this might be challenging as we are based in very different places and either worship different gods or have different relationships with the same gods.

One idea I have had is that the monastery has different ‘houses’ that each develops its own relationship with the Annuvian deities and its own practices.

I am happy to have laid the foundations and look forward to seeing where this leads.

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